About Us

Founded in 1964 by D. José M ª Carulla Gratacós, started their first steps in the topography and cartography. As early as 1968, Estop started several vertical photographic flights of the Balearic Islands. From then until now, the department has been a leader in society Balear due to his unique historical and photographic archive on the islands.

At the constant request of customers to get panoramic aerial photographies, we begin to make these photographs in 1984, being at the beginning only a delegation of a company based in Madrid, and later (1995) creating our own airline for realize panoramic photography. At that time we saw the possibility of performing aerial advertising because there was no company doing the work in the Balearic market. So, we started buying two aircraft PIPER PA 18 -150.

Since then ESTOP was the only company that has taken such services on the island regularly and safety, with experience and professionalism.

We have more than 9,000 hours without any accident. And this is due to:

  • Comprehensive internal operating and quality procedures (ISO 9001).
  • Strict maintenance of aircraft.
  • Great experience of our commercial pilots.

For more information about our company you can visit us on the web uk.estop.org